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Articles, Stories, Photos, and Memoirs

Anyone interested in submitting an article, story or memoir of your life back home in the Zone?

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"The Music Makers" Frank C. Townsend & Syd Corbett
"Burning the Candle at Both Ends" Frank C. Townsend & Syd Corbett
"TGIF" at BHS '58 Frank C. Townsend & Syd Corbett
"Cayuco Race, 1958" Frank C. Townsend
"Saturday Night Date 1958"

Frank C. Townsend & Syd Corbett

"Soldier Boys: ROTC at BHS" Frank C. Townsend
"Christmas on the Isthmus" by Jo Marti
"The Canal Zone" A Poem  by Jo Marti
"High School Graduation" by Louis J. Barbier BHS '57  
"Cocoli" by Louis J. Barbier BHS '57
"Kite Flying" by Louis J. Barbier BHS '57
"The Legend of the Prom Queen" by Louis J. Barbier BHS '57
"The Attack of The Giant Fronds" by Louis J. Barbier BHS '57
"Teddy Roosevelt Revisits the Panama Canal" by Louis J. Barbier BHS '57
"La Bruja Road Challenge"  by Louis J. Barbier BHS '57       
"The SS Ancon Goes to War" by Louis J. Barbier BHS '57
"My Reflections of CZ Clubhouses"  by Louis J. Barbier BHS '57
"Let's Go to the Beach"  by Louis J. Barbier BHS '57
"Riding Chivas" by Louis J. Barbier BHS '57
"Causeway Story" by Louis J. Barbier BHS '57
"Carnavales del Pasado" by Louis J. Barbier BHS '57
"La Cucaracha Wars" by Louis J. Barbier BHS '57
"Ancon is My Beat"  by Louis J. Barbier BHS '57
"Close Encounter with General Torrijos" by Louis J. Barbier BHS '57
"VJ Day in the Canal Zone"  by Louis J. Barbier BHS '57
"The Quest for a Perfect Cup of Coffee" by Louis J. Barbier BHS '57
"A Mango Tree Grows in Cocoli" by Louis J. Barbier BHS '57
"Do you remember the old Canal Zone?" by Louis J. Barbier BHS '57
"The Little Red Candy Hearts" by Louis J. Barbier BHS '57

"Put me in Coach"

by Louis J. Barbier BHS '57
"Medals of the Panama Canal" by Charles W. Hummer, Jr. BHS '55
"Looking Back Thru the Years" by Vicki (Dunning) Howe  BHS '62
"Southbound in September" Urania Moth by William G. Shultz
"Reflections of Panama...Memories of Home" by Lynnette E. Stokes
"Christmas Trees In The Zone"   by John Rossetti
"Canal Gypsies- A Memory of Good Times"  by Charles W. Hummer, Jr. BHS '55
"The Sian Yung"  by Charles W. Hummer, Jr. BHS '55
"Canal Zone Seal Retired"  Submitted by C. W. Hummer, Jr.

"El Corrido de Mis Padres" - "My Parents Corrido"

by Marcos Ubben

"Bilingual History Rap of Panama"

by Marcos Ubben
"Gamboa, What a Great Town" by Nina Kosik
"Remembrances of living in the Canal Zone" by Norma Stillwell Martin
"A Coffin, a Chiva, and Five Pedro Miguel Boys..." by Ray Crucet

"Barrage Balloons Over Pedro Miguel"

by Ray Crucet
"The English Ship" by Ray Crucet
"The Knapsack" by Ray Crucet
"Red Tank Mammies Meet Pedro Miguel Mummy"  by Ray Crucet

  Other Web Publisher's Presentations

"History of the Panama Canal Administration Building" by Joseph W. DuVall
This is a wonderful presentation that Joe made especially for the Panama Canal Society's web site.  Thanks Joe.

Through the years with George Chevalier
"The Military Side to a Canal Zone Childhood"
"The vacation away from 790C - Panama Line"
"790C Strikes Again"
"The Raiders from 790C"
"Travel on the Ancon and Cristobal"
"When Aviation Came To Panama" The Photos behind the Stories.
"Early Life at 790C, Tavernilla St." "George's Story's Photo Album #1"
"Things We Did Away From Tavernilla St." Great Vintage Photos.
"The Lux Affair" "Early Days of Swimming in the Canal
"Reflection on Outlooks Zonian" Zone" - Photo Album #2
"CZ Graduates of the 10th RCD" More Great Vintage Photos
"Balboa of Misty Memories" "George's Story's Photo Album # 3"
"When The Canal Zone Played Baseball"
"The Sheriff's Toothpick"
"Memories of Passing Ships"
"The Wrong House"

Photo / History Presentations

"25¢ An Hour Electrical Apprentices" Early Isthmian Aviation
"Assorted Expeditions" "George's Photo Album # 4"
"We Learn To Dance"   

Historic Panama Railroad

"Ring-A-Leeve-O at 790C"

Freight House

"BHS Night Classes"   "George's Photo Album #5" 
"Balloons Over Balboa"

Isthmian Canal Commission Band

"Sailors of the Balboa Navee"     "George's Photo Album #6"
"Reveries of the Balboa Navee" Historic Las Bovedas
"A Trip to Paja"   "George's Photo Album #7"
"The Great White Father of The Caribbean"
"Growing Up With the CZP"
"Before the Yacht Club and the Causeway" 
"A Peek at Military Law, Canal Zone, WWII"
"An Unauthorized Aerial Visit – X Files from the Canal Zone"
"Paying for the New Balboa High School"
"Colonel Ben, Harlen and Me"
"A Horse for Every House"  

Memoirs and Stories by Ruth C. Stuhl
    Ruth C. Stuhl is George Chevalier's sister.  This is a collection of stories that she wrote for the Star and Herald Newspaper and others.  Ruth is no longer with us, she passed away while hiking on the Camino Real in Madden Lake, Panama.  I have quite a few stories of hers and will post them as time permits.  I think these are some really great stories and hope you enjoy them as much as I have. 
"Recollections of a Canal Zone Childhood"
"This Was Panama" Third Locks Project
"This Was Panama" West Indians  
"This Was Panama" Tree Burns
"This Was Panama" Christmas on the Isthmus
" Islands"  

More to Come

The Golden Parrot
     These are a collection of stories from the Balboa High School Class of 1943 publication The Golden Parrot.    This publication is produced today by Editor: Ernest E. Pierce and CoEditor: Barbara P. Pierce. 
The Golden Parrot was once a youthful green parakeet flitting, frolicking, flying and feeding frivolously in the Panama Canal Zone.  It was the namesake for the Balboa High School Newspaper.  Now the bird is older and is in it's "golden years", hence the name, "Golden Parrot".
"In Perpetuity" 
More to come in the near future.


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