An Unauthorized Aerial Visit – X Files from the Canal Zone
by George Chevalier

Some time after the start of the midnight shift on January 29, 1974 the Pan Canal signalman out on Flamenco Island noticed strange lights over the Bay of Panama. He left his bunker to go to the parking lot for a better view and was there joined by the NCOIC of an Army missile battery also located on Flamenco. They watched and wondered for a while when the Sergeant noticed the pending arrival of a cavalcade of vehicles approaching loaded with military Brass.

Both men retreated to their duty stations and the PC signalman could hardly wait until morning when his shift ended for he wanted to know the outcome. He met the Sergeant in the parking lot as they were leaving and excitedly asked what were those objects and what had the Brass concluded. The answer he got was,"What lights?, What objects and what are you talking about?"

While this had taken place at Flamenco the Quarry Heights M.P. Desk called the dispatcher for the Canal Zone Police (CZP) at Balboa to report that his M.P.'s on the East side of Ancon Hill were reporting at least three objects with flashing red, blue, green and white lights out over the Bay. All appropriate military organizations were notified as well as FAA radar and all responded negatively. The CZP Dispatcher by 3:00 AM has notified all CZP units to be aware and looking for these objects.

The three objects had separated with two curving out over the bay as if headed for Howard AFB and the other moved slowly over Ancon to pass over the top of the hill. It's flashing colored lights and movements were reported by three CZP's in the Ancon area. A forth officer on Ancon Blvd near the Assembly of God Church, in addition to lights and movement, heard a high pitched sound. He likened that sound to many crickets singing together only louder.

The officer on duty at the Governors House heard a high pitched muffled sound as the thing passed over the Mansion and he ran to the rear of the house and got a good view of a circular object with flashing lights as it headed slowly in a westerly direction in a zig zag manner. He estimated the altitude to be about 1,300-1,500 ft. and in size to be about 20 to 25 ft.

This object was reported by several more officers from the harbor area as it slowly made it's way over to the West Bank by Cocoli where by now it was joined by the others and they disappeared. From start to finish these things were over the area and visible for an hour at least.

The next day the CZP Detective Unit contacted all the various military and FAA organizations but received only protestations of ignorance of any strange objects. The denials from SOUTHCOM and USAFSO are an insult to your intelligence as well as the FAA's claim to having seen nothing on their radar.

At least nine stable, dedicated and hard working Canal Zone Policemen reported officially on this aerial intrusion and what they saw and experienced should be told and not swept under a ludicrous rug of denial.

George C.