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Tavernilla Street and area - Before, and up to what it is today.

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Tavernilla Street - 790C - 1937 and 1963

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The 790C Modelers

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The Trolley Comes To Panama and the Canal Zone

An electrified trolley system was installed in Panama City in 1892 by a German firm using German equipment. They only lasted a few years and were gone before Panama became independent. In 1913 a new system was put in place under Minor C. Keith and the work of installing was done by contractor R.W.Hebard. The first effort was only the central section of Panama City but the new system was expanded out to service the Hippodromo and Juan Franco Race Track and to enter the Zone with service out to La Boca Townsite ending at the then commissary [ later Printing Plant]. The stop for boarding in Balboa was in front of the Police Station on the corner of Amador Rd. and it proceeded down Balboa Rd. where it entered the City at the Limits proceeding through the Coconut Grove area to come out on Central Ave. by Santa Ana Park. Then right on Central a ways before turning left to go through the Mercado area as it wended back up to join the track section that ran along Central Ave. It was then that it proceeded out to the race tracks and the fare for all this was 5c each way. As kids we rode the "Tram Car" from the Balboa stop to Maduros on Central Ave. where we bought model airplane kits and supplies. But not on the days we intended to put explosives on the tracks of the La Boca bound cars. The humiliation of somehow to be riding on the Tram and have it go over one of your own creations would have been too much to bare. The ridicule from your peers would have been horrendous.

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Isthmian Airways

The Isthmian Airways was formed in 1929 by owner Ralph Sexton and was forced to close in 1936. It operated with two civilian pilots as well as moonlighting military pilots serving on the Zone. Morning, Noon and Evening flights were run daily but when tourist demand was high extra flights were put on to satisfy the demand. This company never had an accident while carrying passengers. They took off and landed in the Balboa Harbor Basin and in Manzanillo Bay on the Atlantic Side.


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Original Ancon and Cristobal Photos

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