Ring-A-Leeve-O at 790C
by George Chevalier

Usually on weekend nights we gathered for the classic game of Ring-A-leeve-O with the pot located under the 790C side. The geographical bounderies included all the land going up the left side of Tavernilla ST. and turning left at the bottom with the left side of La Boca RD. and around past St. Marys and the Union Church with all fair on the left side of the sts. to the clubhouse start of Tavernilla. This was a large territory in which to hide and evade in when it was your turn to be the hunted. Before I continue I must clarify what follows next in case Mr. "K" does not understand. What I now relate were actions of JR.HI. age boys and were left far behind with adulthood. So to continue: We hid up in a large tree one night behind 794 and were accorded an amazing sight for boys of that age. There lived at that time in 794 an eye catching Amazon of awsome proportions who at that moment had stepped out of the bathroom shower to towel off. Lights were of course on and the shade was not drawn and we nearly fell out of the tree as parts of the anatomy flew in all directions with her vigerous towelling. Duly noting the time of this event we made every effort to witness encores when playing Ring-A-Leeve-O in the months ahead. With the passage of time we outgrow the game, the Amazon marries and moves away and as a Sgt. in the Army I am celebrating V-J Day with my old Ring-A-Leeve-O buddies in the El Rancho Beer Garden. My companion of those tree climbing days spots our Amazon seated near the dance floor also celebrating the end of the War. He put the challenge on me that I did not have the guts to ask her to dance. Fortified with a large amount of Pan Liquido I rose to the challenge. With a very sweet "Hello George" she accepted my request to dance and I must remind you that this was an Amazon and I am but 5' 6" tall. Assuming the very polite hold as taught by our cotillion class instructress I was instead crushed in a grip of steel. After a few laps around the floor as the music drew to a close the Amazon bent down and quietly,as the music ended,asked me if I was still climbing trees. I must have stammered a NO for I staggered back to the gang in a daze and it put a blanket over the celebration of the occasion. The birds of Ring-A-leeve-O had come home to roost.

George C.