Things We Did Away From Tavernilla St.
by George Chevalier

If you lived in Balboa who could forget the Friday night roller skating at the Admin. Bldg. Never in front by the Portico but the sides main section overlooking the Prado. Those dangerously long lines of snap-the-whip which might launch you out into space down those endless steps.

On several dry season evenings we hiked down to the Las Bovedas and discovered the kids from the City were skating atop the Bovedas and I admit they had the advantage as to location.

On hot nights we tried to talk someone with a car into taking us out to La Lecheria were we got delicious icecream that we considered richer and better than our commissary icecream.

As boyscouts every Memorial Day we uniformed up and rode a PC Tugboat out to deep water where a service was held and floral wreaths were thrown upon the water. It was the boat ride that lured us at that age.

When the tide was right a hike to Far Fan would be in order and there were three ways to go. Follow the road,follow the power lines over the hill or along the shore. This later was our favorite and after passing Hide Away Beach we squeased through a narrow crevice in the beach rocks we called the lemon squeeser. This dropped you down into an open mouthed cave. If the tide was in you got wet,if not you landed on dry sand and continued around to the Far Fan Pavilian and spent the day. A yearly prank was to scale the side of the then BHS to fasten a wire to the clapper of the school bell. The roll of wire is then dropped over the side and carried over and up the hill to the Ridge Road Area. Then in the dark the great bell commences to toll untill the Police arrive with the Principal and the keys to enable them to enter and free the clapper. This bedlam would get the towns attention.

During the dry season a band concert would be held in Cathedral Park each week on a certain night. As the music played the girls would walk around the park in one direction and the boys in the opposite direction while the chaperons sat in the benchs along the side. We enjoyed the music, liked the girls and would have loved to have taken part in this tradition but refrained from this for the local Roosters did not appreciate our efforts to join the Parade.

We loved to go to the better theaters in the city for they often showed top movies before the Zone theaters got them. When we were low on funds there was one lower class cheaper theater we often went to for it was very handy to reach being only one block in from 4th July Ave. This was the Tropical and we attended observing certain precautions. We sat on the main floor and either back up under the balcony or way out in front of it's overhang. I asked why my first trip there and was told to be patient and I would soon understand. Sure enough way deep into the movie I heard what sounded like the patter of rain drops followed by screaming curses by those who had just been peed upon by someone relieving themselves from the balcony. It paid to adjust to the inevitable. For us of those days nothing beat the LUX for comfort and class.