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Al & Jane Nahmad
In Memory of Tom & Rita Hannigan

In Memory of Len & Ruth Scranton

In Memory of Dale “Rick” & Mary “Lou” (Scranton) Rakes

In Memory of Paul Morton

Andrew Smith & Marcia Gutierrez

Jim & Suzann Fish
Louis & Wilsa DeArmas
Arthur & Diana Egger
Bill & Melody Morrison
Patricia Dertien & Gary Jones
Russell LaFuente
Kaye Sergeant
Bill & Debbie Lane
David & Stacey Dahlstrom
Terry Fuqua & Mary Deheck
Jeff Kline
Kenny & Katherine Morris Jr.
Roberta & Ray Bost
Ty Erickson
Jerry Coffin
William Dunning
Kathy Egolf
Nancy Goodwin
Lynn & Jess Harp
Carmen & Thomas Matthews
John & Sue Lubera
Robert & Karen White
Elaine Lewis
Dolores Hall
Ruskin & Barbara Teeter
McLaughlin Family
Martha Duncan
Nancy Spiros-Aaron

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